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Time to regain your life with Tech!

Do you get distracted easily? Do you spend most of your time browsing, moving from Instagram to Facebook and so on? As an entrepreneur, your time is money and staying focus is a must to achieving your goals.

So often people get distracted and end up spending hours on social media, for some people they are disciplined and can manage their time however for some of us who are news hungry, we tend to extend the time for a few minutes more and end up staying on longer than planned.

Distraction is a minus for start-ups, and even established entrepreneur, it pulls people away from their goals, it causes disruption, and the individual loses focus, and you have lost the most valuable resource which is TIME!

How can you stop yourself and stay focused? You can set a timer on when you want to check your social media and ensure you stick to it. On the other hand, you can plan your dairy and allocate time for social media again this requires discipline.


With technology it gets better, with this several unique digital tools created, Entrepreneur Jon Good’s App “Stay Focusd” Limits Internet Use, and help users to stay focused.

Another App is Freedom, and it is ranked the world-famous Internet, social media, and app blocker. Block websites and apps on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Windows computers. click here


For Mac  “Selfcontrol” is a no-nonsense blocking app, it is entirely free for apple macOS. Link here to download

I haven’t used it but will be trying my hands on it and will tell you what I think, the description of how it works the app which acts as a web browser and monitors your usage on certain websites that might serve as distractions and block you if the searches are not business related.


December 4, 2018
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