If your friend or family wants to start the same business as you do, would you be resentful? or will you support the person? The majority will probably answer the “will support” call but deep down feel like the other person is a “copycat” or a “wannabe” trying so hard to be like them.

Tell you what you will probably not get the support in the end anyway. Saying that there are some good-natured people out there who would support and encourage others, those people are the ones that understand “competition”.

I have in the past heard people being reluctant to start a business or career because their close friend or family will make them feel like they are traitors or it will lead to some unhealthy rivalry.

If it’s your vision, if God lays it on your heart and it’s not man-made because so and so is making so much money from it then my suggestion will be to go for it!

The sky is big enough for everyone to fly, competition breeds innovation imagine if it was just you doing the business how would you improve?

Let’s support each other, see how we can collaborate

Kenny wanted to start an event rental and decoration business, her close friend Sade is already running event rental business so both in the event industry. They both have the same circle of friends and live in the same neighbourhood.

What advise would you give them and how do you think both can run their businesses independently and still maintain their friendship? Will there be conflict of interest?