• Driving to work on a bright lovely morning, typically was on one of the A route’s, a single carriage way, and I had this very slow moving truck in front of me, and also another vehicle right behind the truck.
  • Luckily, shortly after we hit the dual carriage way which allows dual carriage, there is a short distance to travel before it narrows into a single carriage way again. Was a bit surprised that driver of the  vehicle in front of me didn’t take the chance to overtake the truck, and I followed patiently waiting for the driver make the accelerate and to pull off, only for the car to indicate left, turning off into the road.. As you can imagine, I lost my chance to overtake and I was gutted! The driver  didn’t overtake because he wasn’t going far…. he had reached his destination! As I was expecting  he had no plans of  overtaking the slow moving truck. While I was waiting for him, I had a decent chance of actually overtaking them both but i didn’t…..
  • Moral of the lesson, run yur own race, some people aren’t driven, or pushed or are perceived to be slow but they are only going so far, just there, they have no intention of going far as they have reached thier destination…so friends run your own race everybody’s destination/journey is different. We might get to the same destination but get there via differnt routes, which are direction, timing and purpose…get your skates on and follow your own guide, quit doing follow follow…i learnt from that day to pursue my ambition, my purpose with vigour … Note to self: own your destiny and you will get to your destination

– Bukky Babajide